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The exclusive trekking for unique experiences at sunrise

Among the infinite options, EtnaSicilia.com offers you the opportunity to experience the spectacular sunrise on Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. A sensation that will impress itself in your memory.

This activity can be carried out on different sides of the volcano at different altitudes, with more or less demanding trekking. We offer you the opportunity to satisfy the search for unforgettable emotions, far from the many tourists who are going to explore the volcano during the day.

This is a very exclusive excursion, since most visitors prefer to visit the volcano at more convenient times of the day. A trek at dawn gives the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking shows in absolute tranquility.

With a guided sunrise on Etna you can do a night trekking without fear or risk of getting lost. The guide will lead you through the night, telling you anecdotes or details about what surrounds you and making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

It is very important to contact authorized guides when undertaking certain particular activities such as night trekking, especially if you do not know the area.

If you have any questions, write to our email or directly on the Messanger chat, while in case you want to see spectacular photos and images and be updated you can discover the Facebook and Instagram page.

Etna Sunrise Experience can be defined as the icing on the cake of any holiday lived in Sicily, reserved only for the few true lovers of the emotions that nature can offer

Etna at sunrise - Valle del Bove

Etna Sunrise Experience description:

This is generically a short trekking that might be 2h30m/3h with the aim to admire the sunrise from the most spectacular points of view on Mount Etna. We offer different possibilities, one of these is the view from the crest on the Bove Valley (pictures), but other places are available.

Starting point: different

Price: 40euro per person

Difficulty: generically easy


  • Physical, psychological or health problems that might compromise the activity must be communicated in advance.
  • We need 4 people to start the excursion, you can check just by call/whatsapp/email, always at your disposal.

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