Mount Etna Excursions

Easy Etna Nord Trekking

Accompanied by an authorized guide, this 2/3 hour trek will show you the craters of the famous 2002 eruption that destroyed the entire Piano Provenzana. An excursion in full tranquility between vegetation and lava fields until reaching the edge of the largest craters of this lateral eruption. Discovering a world full of curiosities and extraordinary mechanisms that set in motion the beating heart of Sicily.

Difficulty: easy

Price: 25euro per person

Average duration: 2h 30m

Etna Summit Craters

Starting from: Rifugio Sapienza (1900m)

We will meet at 9:00 a.m. apx.  We take the cable car up to 2500m, then we take a special bus up to 2900m where we are going to start our trekking. It takes 1h 30m to reach the top. Up there we will admire the majesty of the Bocca Nuova crater and the Voragine crater. The ascent will have few stops so that we can have a pause and have some interactions talking about mount Etna and volcanoes in general.

After the visit at the top craters we descent at 2900m where we will be crossing the 2002-2003 eruption craters. We will understand how lateral activities work and how that particular eruption affected anthropological activities on mount Etna.

The trekking continues back to the cable car at 2500m, crossing the lava flow of that eruption and passing by the 2001 eruption crater.

Duration: 6-7 hours approximately.

Difficulty: medium-high.


  • Heart related problems/ asthmatics not allowed
  • The excursion feasibility can be affected or modified by weather conditions or volcanic activity.

Etna Sunrise Experience

This is generically a short trekking that might be 2h30m/3h with the aim to admire the sunrise from the most spectacular points of view on Mount Etna. We offer different possibilities, one of these is the view from the crest on the Bove Valley (pictures), but other places are available.

Starting point: different

Price: 40euro per person

Difficulty: generically easy


  • Physical, psychological or health problems that might compromise the activity must be communicated in advance.
  • We need 4 people to start the excursion, you can check just by call/whatsapp/email, always at your disposal.

2002 Eruption – Timparossa – Raspberry Cave

This is a mid-altitude long excursion that will cover various habitats and areas of Mount Etna.

We will start our excursion from Piano Provenzana touristic station (1850m), so our first stop is the area of the powerful eruption of the year 2002, the strong activity that changed the morphology of Piano Provenzana and affected the economy of the area. We will understand how lateral activities happen and how such craters are formed.

We will then continue in the direction of the 1923 eruption area and cross it to reach the beechwood Timparossa, where we will stop to see one of these typical mount Etna’s shelter (1800m).

We continue downwards to reach the famous Raspberry Cave (1700m), one of the longest lava tube of Mount Etna on the most long-lasting lava flow ever recorded on Mount Etna, 1614 – 1624 a.C.. Afterwards we will take the Altomontana pathway to reach the Ragabo Pinewood (1450m) and the end of our excursion.

Meeting: 8:30 a.m.

Duration: 7 hours approximately.

Difficulty: Medium. It does not present high altitude difference, but it is 15 km long.

Recommended equipment: trekking shoes, appropriate clothing according to the weather conditions (jacket, wind-breaker, hat, etc… if you have any doubt just ask us). Take with you water and something to eat.

Warnings: any physical/mental issues that might compromise the activity must be communicated.


  • To  start the trekking we need to reach a minimum of 6 people.
  • The excursion feasibility can be affected or modified by weather conditions.

For any further information please contact us.

Serracozzo, lava cave and Panorama Bove Valley

Meeting point: Rifugio Citelli.

Description of the excursion:

Departure from the Refuge towards the mixed beech and birch forest. Visit the remains of a “pagghiaru”. Access into the cave (cave of Serracozzo, eruption of 1971). Ascent on the ridge and stop at the panoramic point on the Valle del Bove (site of remarkable geological interest of Etna). Continue on the ridge until you reach the return path. Descent next to the 1928 lava flow and return.

Average duration: 3-4h

Difficulty: medium


  • The route and duration may vary depending on weather and / or group conditions.
  • Any physical, psychological or health problems that may compromise the excursion must be communicated in advance.